Foursquare Distillery Zinfandel Cask Single Blend Rum



Foursquare Distillery is owned by the Seale family who have five generations of rum-making expertise dating back to 1820. The family itself can trace its roots on the island back to the 1650s. Being wholly family owned means we are free to pursue a perfectionist agenda compared to most Caribbean rum distilleries which are beholden to the major spirit companies. We invest more time and more money than other distilleries because we believe it makes a difference to the taste.


Color: A beautiful medium amber
Swirled: Forms tiny droplets a few coalescing into thin and slow running legs.
Aroma: Brown sugar, maple syrup, raisen, and only a little alcohol. There are no burnt notes in the aroma, only sweetness.


Country Barbados
Product Subcategory Rum
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml