Forthave Spirits YELLOW Genepi



Yellow is a génépi aperitif produced by Forthave Spirits in collaboration with Liten Buffel winery. It is a fortified and aromatized wine- a delicate and floral aperitif that can be enjoyed over ice, perhaps with a splash of club soda, or in place of vermouth in a cocktail.

Génépi flowers are rare plants that grow in the French and Italian Alps. Liqueurs and infusions prepared from génépi have historically enjoyed a panacea status in alpine folklore and herbal medicine, especially as thermogenic agents, remedies for fatigue, dyspepsia, and airway infections. Due to their extreme rarity and remote habitat, génépi flowers prove quite difficult to cultivate. They are largely limited to growing in the moraines of glaciers and rock crevices above 2,000 meters. Génépi is part of the Artemisia family of plants, which includes much tougher and bitter plants such as wormwood and mugwort. Most, if not all, commercially available génépi liqueurs are high-proof spirit-based, and often served as an après-ski warm-up. For Yellow, Forthave chose a fortified wine approach, as it shows a more delicate expression of the flower.


Country USA
Region New York
Product Subcategory Liqueurs
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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