Enoki Shuzo Brewery 8 Years Hanahato Kijoshu Sake



Enoki Shuzo is located in the Hiroshima Prefecture, on the small island of Kurahashi. This region called Setonaikai, in the sea between Honshu and Shikoku, has a temperate climate, and freshwater (nansui) is found there. Enoki Shuzo brewery was founded in 1899. They produce sakes full of elegance which are regularly recognized with awards in international competitions. They are at the origin of the technique of "Kijoshu", now known in the sake world, consisting of adding sake in the tanks during the fermentation process. This is a specialty of the brewery that is perfectly illustrated with their aged sake, Hanahato Kijoshu.


Balanced blend of dried fruits and earthy mushroom elements that has a malty aftertaste coupled with a full-bodied start and middle mouth.


This sake is aged in a tank. Drink as an after-dinner sake or pair with sautéed foie gras or seared duck magret with caramelized red fruits and cumin.


Country Japan
Container Bottle
Container Size 500ml
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