Doc Herson's Natural Spirits Green Absinthe



Established in Harlem in 2012, Doc Herson's All Natural Spirits is the first absinthe distillery in New York City. Now produced in Brooklyn, Doc Herson's Absinthe is created using organic New York-grown grains and botanicals from around the world. 

Husband and wife team Kevin and Stacey Herson started making green absinthe in their basement in Harlem but have since moved to a small corner of the former Pfizer factory in Williamsburg. They ferment malted barley and malted spelt sourced from organic farms in upstate New York to distill the base of Brooklyn's first (legal) absinthe. Then, they add 10 botanicals for flavor, including grand wormwood, anise, fennel, dried lemon and mint (the rest are top-secret) and macerate them for a week before redistilling everything to concentrate the flavors and alcohol. 


Wormwood, anise, lemon balm, fennel, citrus and mint.


Region New York
Product Subcategory Absinthe
Container Bottle
Container Size 100ml