Complices de Loire Jus de Gamay


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Jus de Gamay is a quaffable, generous wine made to please all who drink it. from a vineyard of sand and clay this 100% gamay shows a good balance of aromas and flavors. Intense red fruit, a crisp mouth gives a generous flavor. Ideal with charcuterie and meat.


Beaujolais might be one of the greatest food pairing wines ever - if you know the secret. Wine writer Karen Macneil said it best: “Beaujolais is the only white wine that happens to be red.” What did she mean by that? If you treat Beaujolais as you would a white wine, by serving it slightly chilled, you bring out what the wines are famous for: bright acidity. This acidity makes the wine a natural for all sorts of food pairing, from yummy cheese to cured meat to seafood and poultry. But serve it too warm (i.e. room temperature) and you’ll get less acid and fruit, and more alcohol in the aromas.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle
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