Compass Box Kensington Wine Market 25th Anniversary Blended Scotch Whisky



Five years of discussions went into the creation of this product, the first collaboration between Compass Box and Kensington Wine Market. Inspired by Flaming Heart and some of Compass Box's elegant old blends the Compass Box KWM 25th Anniversary Blend is a very special creation! Bottled at 45% the whisky is from a mixture of old grains and both spicy and smoky malts. The components were matured in First-Fill American Oak, Sherry Butts, and French Oak.


Nose: silky and sultry, soft vanilla and Earl Grey tea creme Brule; savory hints of pork belly, mouth-watering gentle peat, and salted caramel; clean tendrils of Manuka honey a touch of beeswax. 
Palate: rich, fruity and smoky with building spice, rich dried fruits, and dark chocolate; lots of layers, the decadent spices being the most dominant, followed by dried fruits: ranging from apricots and pineapple to raisins and figs; there is a touch of cocoa powder, bees wax and more indulgent Earl Grey infused creme Brule; the grain adds a silky backbone that contrasts nicely with the touch of pork belly and soft ashy peat.
Finish: coating, creamy and decadent; the palate stays warm in the lingering light of fading spices, genteel ashy smoke, and soft fruits.
Comment: we were hoping for a whisky that combined the firm peat of Flaming Heart, the rich spices of Spice Tree, and the elegance of Compass Box's legendary older expressions; we got all that and more!


Country Scotland
Brand Compass Box
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Mashbill Type Blended Malt
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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