Cocchi Vermouth di Torino


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In the late nineteenth century, Giulio Cocchi, a creative and curious pastry chef from Florence, moved to Asti, a small but lively town in the north west of Italy not far from Turin. There he fell in love with the daughter of the town's beloved tavern owner, where Bar Cocchi pours to this day. In Piedmont he became engulfed in the local food and beverage culture, discovering that Asti was the capital of Moscato wines. As it turns out, Guilio was inherently talented in blending wines and herbs. In 1891 Giulio Cocchi opened his own business as a distiller and sparkling wine maker in Asti.

He offered a range of unusual aromatized wines and some of the world's first bottle-fermented sparkling wines, including the now renowned Asti DOCG. Barolo Chinato, his Aperitivo Americano, and a number of now DOC vermouths quickly rose to be the cream of the crop.

Today Cocchi is also synonymous with highly valued sparkling wines from Piemonte. Alta Langa DOCG is a rare appellation that Cocchi produces with a minimum of 60 months on yeasts. Cocchi Asti DOCG is considered one of the best available on the market.


The flavor profile is unmistakably of Cocchi, with rich and vibrant notes of citrus, cocoa, rhubarb and a balanced bitter undertone. Delicious on its own and ideal for use in numerous classic mixed drinks.


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