Cantine Barbera La Bambina Menfi Nero d'Avola Rosato


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To understand the wines of Cantine Barbera, you need to see the ocean.  Vines that live this close to the ocean in southwestern Sicily turn the sea brine into vibrant tasty salinity.  A third-generation farmer, Marilena Barbera farms the Inzolia that her grandfather planted in the 20's, just as she attends to the native varietals that are the new frontier of her generation: Perricone, Nerello, Alicante, Nero d'Avola, and Grillo.


There's a sweet element to the nose of this beautiful Sicilian rose that recalls raspberry and almond marzipan. The wine glides clean over the plate with easy freshness and leaves small berry nuances on the close.


La Bambina Menfi Nero d'Avola Rosato is versatile in its pairings, perfect for various culinary delights. Its vibrant flavors and refreshing acidity make it an ideal partner for seafood dishes, such as grilled shrimp or hearty seafood pasta. It also pairs beautifully with lighter meat dishes, like grilled chicken or turkey. If you're planning a summer picnic, consider pairing it with fresh salads, or for a taste of Sicily, enjoy it alongside a traditional Caponata. Lastly, a selection of mild, creamy cheeses would beautifully echo the wine's fruity and floral intricacies.


Region Sicily
Brand Cantine Barbera
Wine Color Rose
Varietal Nero d'Avola
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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