Canadian Club Chronicles 43 Years Old Whisky



Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 3: The Speakeasy – a 43-year-old whisky has its own tale. Throughout American Prohibition, dockmen loaded crates of whisky onto freighters at Hiram Walker’s dock. If the paperwork was in order, anyone could load a ship with alcohol and set sail. Talented forgers would doctor paperwork, and the coastguard wouldn’t bat an eye. The boat would make a quick pitstop off the American shore to unload. From there the whisky quickly worked its way through underground distribution networks to be poured in illicit speakeasies in Detroit, Gotham, and beyond. In these speakeasies, the already famous Canadian Club whisky gained even more renown.

The best part of this series is that the whisky chronicles a flavor story even more delicious than its astounding historical anecdotes. It’s a challenging task for a whisky to take you back to the future, but each year, here we are, enjoying another extraordinary Canadian Club. And The Speakeasy’s nose is precisely that. It speaks in flawless oak tones and murmured caramels setting up an easy-drinking palate. A hundred subtle flavors converge into a unified melting pot of orchard & dark fruits, and toffee & peppery spices that sit atop mellow but sturdy oak planks. A long finish then cascades from sweet to spicy to dry.

A tiny splash of eleven-year-old rye that was blended into the whisky brightens it up, but without covering it in frills and glitz. It’s an exercise in class where the integrity of the old whisky never wavers.


Country Canada
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml