Cabeza Blanco Tequila



The vivanco family has been cultivating agave in the Los Altos region of Jalisco for five generations. They built their distillery El Ranchito on the edge of their 800-acre mountainside field in Arandas, where they now have been tequileros for 3 generations. 


On the nose there is a bouquet of highland agave that captures both the earthiness and the honey of the agave whilst adding complex layers of green vegetables and a nice dose of minerality. More of the green vegetables, earthiness and some green pepper enter softly on the palate at the start before you are hit with a robust and earthy agave bomb on the mid-palate that comes with a dash of light citrus on the sides of the palate. It is medium to fullbodied with a velvety mouth feel and finishes with a light bitter citrus, more cooked agave flavors and black pepper. This Tequila is all about earthy cooked & raw agave flavors.


Country Mexico
Region Jalisco
Product Subcategory Tequila
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml