Boukman Wild Spice Rum


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It began in 1791 at a secret ceremony, where Dutty Boukman swore an oath to liberty, sealed it with rum and sparked the revolution that freed Haiti.

Two centuries later, Boukman Wild Spice Rum honors Haiti’s rich traditionof clairin trempè  - handcrafted spiced rum.  Boukman takes Haïti’s best rhum agricole, distilled from the fresh juice of sugar cane.  We then infuse it with botanicals and barks, many of them native to Haiti and foraged in the wild.  The result is a dry, intense, and complex spirit with an elegant finish.

Wildcrafted in Haiti from 100% fresh cane juice rhum macerated with 7 Haitian barks and botanicals.



Color: Amber
Nose: close to aged agricole rum, vanilla, bitter orange, cinnamon
Palate: complex, cane flavors, fruity and spicy. A hint of lime zest accentuates the floral notes.
Finish: long and crisp, dry and wood notes


Country Haiti
Product Subcategory Rum
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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