Bond & Lillard Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey



Bottled at 100 proof and aged for at least seven years, Bond & Lillard has a surprisingly light appearance in the glass, with a light copper coloring. In fact, it’s almost golden in appearance, but there is just a bit too much orange in the palette for that to be the case. That is probably because the whiskey is charcoal filtered after being dumped, similar to Jim Beam Green Label. Sniffing the liquor opens up with a lovely, creamy vanilla. The scent is fresh and crisp, like Granny Smith apples tossed with a few sprigs of mint and a lump of brown sugar, ready for baking. That is before baking, mind you, so it’s not at all candied. The aroma is too crisp for that. That crispness carries over as lightness on the palate, and, once again, that is a surprise given the 100 proof. The flavor is a bit like a minty apple pie, what with the brown sugar, Granny Smith apples, apple mint, and vanilla all stirred together. The flavor runs a touch oaky on the backside. From there, the finish runs light and sweet, with a lingering warmth. 


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Feature Allocated & Limited Edition
Container Bottle
Container Size 375ml