Blood Oath Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Pact No.10


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Blood Oath Pact No. 10 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a unique and limited release from Lux Row Distillers, celebrating a decade of Blood Oath's distinctive blends. This special edition bourbon is a blend of two well-bred ryed bourbons and one finished bourbon, double-finished in Cabernet Franc and Merlot casks. This double-finishing process adds complexity and fruit-forward notes to the bourbon, making it a standout in the Blood Oath series.


Nose: Aromas of ripe berries, stone fruits, oak, light honey, and vanilla.

Palate: Rich caramel with flavors of tart raspberries, black pepper, juicy berries, rye spice, white peppercorn, and a touch of dry oak. The mouthfeel is silky and smooth.

Finish: Long and syrupy with notes of raspberry, honey, vanilla powder, gentle rye spice, dry oak, leather, and faint stone fruits.


This bourbon pairs wonderfully with rich, savory dishes such as grilled steaks, barbecued ribs, and roasted vegetables. Its complex flavor profile also complements desserts like dark chocolate torte, caramel flan, and spiced nuts.


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Brand Blood Oath
Distillery Luxco
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Mashbill Type Bourbon
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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