Barrell Rum Cask Strength Batch #1



Full-flavored and seductive, this rum evokes the sun-drenched breeze traveling across recently rained on tropical forests.  Dried lemongrass in hue with freshly dried hay across the surface.  This flirtatious liquid begs to be sipped and savored with the heat present but not overpowering.  The bourbon barrel finishing is complementary to the rum, adding a woody sweetness and a unique pungency.


Appearance: Burnished copper in the glass, with tinges of deep brown and raw honey at the core.  Shimmers skate across the surface with every swirl. The texture is multifaceted and glistening, lightly golden when held up to the light.
Nose: Vanilla and charred coconut carried by a warm and salty sea breeze. Caramelized plantains smothered in molasses.  Undercurrents of fine tobacco and a beach campfire run beneath the surface of this enticing rum.
Palate: Wood smoke from exotic hardwoods, aguardiente, and nutmeg.  Toasted hazelnuts, brown butter and freshly squeezed lime juice with dollops of cane sugar syrup flash across the tongue and then ebb away before the potent heat.
Finish: Simultaneous bursts of warmth on the lips, tongue, and in the throat.  Tropical notes linger at the back of the throat while menthol effervesces off the lips.  The depth of complexity astounds and sparkles.


Country Jamaica, USA
Brand Barrell Craft Spirits
Product Subcategory Rum
Mashbill Type Bourbon
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml