Ardbeg "Arrrrrrrdbeg!" Limited Edition Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky



Ardbeg "Arrrrrrrdbeg!" is a special edition whisky from Islay, celebrating Mickey Heads, the Distillery Manager of Ardbeg, who retired in late 2020. The label, designed by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy, portrays Mickey Heads as a pirate, symbolizing his adventurous spirit. This whisky is the first Ardbeg release fully matured in ex-rye casks.


Nose: A robust combination of smoky, meaty aromas reminiscent of wood-fired jerky, with undertones of banana and peat.

Palate: A unique profile of spicy and smoky flavors intertwined with fruity and herbaceous notes, resembling the experience of chewing on a leather strap.

Finish: A lingering, smoky finish that is unforgettable.


Pairs well with grilled meats, smoky barbecue dishes, or rich chocolate desserts, which can complement and balance its intense flavors.


Country Scotland
Region Islay
Brand Ardbeg
Distillery Ardbeg Distillery
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Proof 103.6
Proof Range 100-119
Mashbill Type Single Malt
Feature Allocated & Limited Edition, Peated
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml