All Nations 6 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey



Seated in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, Garrard County, which remains a dry county to this day, is the home of Carry A. Nation, a pro-prohibition pioneer and women’s rights leader. With the assistance of Dave Pickerell, an industry legend who passed in 2018, folks behind All Nations brand began identifying the finest aged whiskeys from around the Country. All Nations Fine Whiskeys and Bourbons started in Kentucky, so it only makes sense that their first straight bourbon would showcase what they are made of. The All Nations 6 Year Bourbon boasts notes of oak, honey and caramel with a long finish with notes of coffee and bananas foster.

114.5 Proof

MASH BILL: 64% Corn, 24% Rye and 12% Malted Barley (Wilderness Trail mash bill)


THE NOSE: Notes of cherry, heavy dark fruit, honey, oak, spice, graham, roasted nuts and grain, cocoa and bits of fruit and spice.
THE TASTE: Notes of oak, chewy orchard, tropical, and dark fruit, grain sweetness, honey, caramel and vanilla cake.
THE FINISH: Long finish with notes of caramel, coffee cake, oak and bananas foster.


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml