1792 Full Proof “Savage Lure” Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon The Prime Barrel Pick #21



1792 Full Proof Bourbon is a cask strength bourbon from Sazerac, the same company that owns Buffalo Trace. While Buffalo Trace's primary cask strength bourbon, Stagg Jr, is related to 1792 Full Proof, they are quite different. But just like Buffalo Trace, though, 1792 also does several single barrel selections, primarily of 1792 Single Barrel and 1792 Full Proof.

We did two separate 1792 Single Barrel picks in 2022. The first one sold out in a matter of hours and left a lot of folks disappointed that they missed it. So it was very fortunate that we picked two, of which this is the second barrel. We always liked the batched 1792 Full Proof Bourbon. It has won multiple awards, including the 2020 World Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray. However, single barrels always have a life of their own, often bringing different traits to the table as part of their nature. 

Just like our first 1792 Full Proof Bourbon selection, this barrel is fantastic. It also comes in at 125 Proof, tasting notes are as follows:

  • Nose: baked cherries, cinnamon, crushed almonds, Darjeeling tea, Cara Cara oranges
  • Palate: oranges, cherries, Darjeeling tea, leather, tobacco
  • Finish: dark chocolate, almond skin, cherries

The sticker theme of this bottle continues our tribute to the rock stars that also played a huge role in the world of charity. Our first 1792 bottle carried the Prince theme, while this selection is a tribute to David Bowie. David Bowie was unique among famous figures. Not only was he a superstar in the music world, but he was also a superstar in the world of helping the hungry, sick, and poor. He took part in many charity activities, including Every Mother Counts, which is the charity this selection will be supporting. Every Mother Counts is devoted to making pregnancy and birth safe for every woman. Bowie donated a song to their cause, which raises money to help maternal and childcare programs all over the world, and we will donate $5 from each bottle sold to the charity.

Every Mother Counts (EMC) | Improving Maternal Health


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Brand 1792
Distillery Barton Distilling Company
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Proof 125
Proof Range 120-139
Mashbill Type Bourbon
Feature Single Barrel, The Prime Barrel Selection
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml