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Organic Spirits

Organic booze? Well, why not. True, if you're changing your eating and drinking habits to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, switching to organic liquor likely won't do you much good—the chemicals you're trying to avoid are mostly (if not entirely) shed during the processes of fermentation and distillation.

But thinking about the bigger picture, and looking at secondary benefits, organic liquor makes sense in the same way that wearing jeans made from organic cotton can reduce the overall spraying of pesticides and the resultant contamination of soil and groundwater, drinking a vodka distilled from organic grain or a brandy from organic grapes can have an impact beyond the drinker's immediate environment, and also provides a financial incentive for growers to use more earth-friendly farming practices.

An anomaly just a few years ago, organic liquor is coming into its own. Are there any brands you've tried that you've particularly enjoyed? And is there any kind of organic spirit you'd like to see us carry? Drop us a note!
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