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Beaujolais Nouveau

Vineyards in the Beaujolais wine region located just south of Burgundy. It began as an early release wine, drunk by vineyard workers, to celebrate the end of harvest (and probably to give the people something to drink for harvest work). Beaujolais Nouveau started as a race to see who could deliver the new harvest’s wine to Paris first. Gradually, the wine started to appear at local cafés and bistros in Lyon and other towns of the Beaujolais region.  

We are still scratching our heads in amazement trying to figure out how 30 million bottles of wine can be produced, packaged and shipped all over the world within ~2 months of being grapes in a vineyard… in France.

Drink this wine while it’s young. This is not a wine to be cellared, but to be enjoyed chilled!

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