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Anything But...Bordeaux?

Posted by William Whelan II on

As a new generation of wine drinkers emerges in the U.S., the world of wine has begun to adapt to their preferences, with some regions coming along quicker than others. In Bordeaux, some have dragged their feet in evolving with the times.

In fact, Bordeaux has slowly fallen out of favor with Americans in general. Where it was once ABC, Anything But Cabernet, it’s become ABB, Anything But Bordeaux. Continue Reading...

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Forget Chivalry, Cheverny Isn't Dead

Posted by William Whelan II on

As much fun as nouveau, avant-garde approaches to winemaking can be, no great innovation comes without a deep, unwavering love, and respect for what came before it. Respect thy elders, or something like that. 

That is why a wine like Cheverny will never, ever die. Continue reading...

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De* New Wine Spot

Posted by Pat Bradley on

Right in sync with the upcoming holiday season, shopping at De* Wine Spot has just gotten incredibly easier. There's a whole new slew of tools that will help you to pick out just the right gift for your spirit-loving confidants.

Wine Finder

  • On the home page, start with your basics--red, white, sparkling, etc.
  • Next, choose your "sweetness" level--from sweet to dry, and in between as well.
  • Then, watch as instant selections magically appear on your screen!

Or do you already know that a favorite someone in your life loves lambrusco (keep them far away from me), but don't know what kind? Type it into the search box and a drop down menu will appear showing all available types.

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