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Apple Pay comes to - De Wine Spot | DWS - Drams/Whiskey, Wines, Sake

Ilya Dorfman |

As you may already know, Apple Pay allows you to securely and easily pay for stuff you shop for both online and at participating brick-and-mortar locations (including ours). Starting today, when you pay for your order using Apple Pay on our site, you don't need to enter your credit card information or shipping address manually. You will tap the Apple Pay button and scan your fingerprint, and Apple Pay will provide that information to us. How exactly will it work, you ask? Here's how:

When you visit our online store using Safari on iOS 10 or macOS Sierra, you will see a button with the Apple Pay logo on the checkout page:

If you click the button, then you will see the shipping rates for your selection, as well as the shipping address you've loaded into Apple Pay. You will be asked to use your fingerprint to authenticate the purchase. After you finish the authentication, the purchase is complete. Easy peasy.

Should you encounter any issues with Apple Pay on our site, please read our support post, or drop us a line.

Happy Shopping!