It's OK to be Gluten-Free

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This is a picture of Wild's "wild white" mozzarella, ricotta, truffle oil and cracked pepper flatbread. Even though I'm not gluten-free, I recently stumbled upon the place (they have locations in both Manhattan and Williamsburg) and found their pizzas to be more palatable than I'd expected gluten-free pizza would be! And for fourteen bucks, I can have a meal that's both satisfying and sustaining enough to get me through the rest of my workday (not an easy feat in the West Village). I recently had a quick, at the bar lunch at the West Village location and was joined by my friend, Johnny who also ordered a flatbread--the "wild truffle mushroom" with fresh herbs (arugula) and ricotta. He had me sample a portion of his pizza and I instantly commented on how tasty it was, and you could tell that the mushrooms that they used were quite fresh!



I recently also sampled Wild's kale cupcake (I always have dessert) upon my server's recommendation: Do you like carrot cake? Yes. I'm going to bring you the kale cupcake then...


Like their pizzas, Wild offers gluten-free desserts, but they also offer vegan options as well. The kale cupcake is not gluten-free, but it is vegan. At first bite, it wasn't 'the tastiest cupcake in the world' (as it's described on the menu). But if I was vegan, I might think so.

Isn't it the best cupcake in the world?!


Mmm--it's good! 

Yet--if I was gluten-free, I'd probably bring all of my friends here (or at least just the gluten-free ones).

(Note: on a previous visit, I had the flourless chocolate cake which was a much more pleasant end to my meal.)

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