Maker’s Mark ”The Winning Ticket” Private Select Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey The Prime Barrel Pick #13



Our penultimate pick of 2021 comes bearing gifts just in time for the holidays. Get a bottle, and you could win prizes, including a FREE bottle of this pick!

A brief background first. Maker's Mark Private Selection offers a new take on the Maker's Mark 46® process. It begins with cask-strength Maker's Mark® and is aged nine additional weeks in barrels specially fitted with 10 wood-finishing staves in their limestone cellar. Where Private Selection separates itself from Maker's Mark 46 is barrel customization using five different stave types. This results in over 1,001 different possible combinations. As single-barrel bourbons, all Maker's Mark Private Selection expressions are bottled at cask strength – which ranges from 107-114 proof. Ours was bottled at 110.8 proof and has the following stave combination:

  • 0 x P2 (Baked American Pure) staves. We ended up NOT using this stave at all in the final blend formula
  • 3 x Cu (Seared French Cuvée). Cu is made from French oak that's ridge-cut and seared with infrared heat. It gives off toasty notes of oak and caramel. This is the second-highest presence of 4 staves that made up the final recipe. 
  • 2 x Maker's Mark 46. It's made from seared French oak and delivers dried fruit, vanilla, and spice. A barrel fitted with 10 of these staves would give you a cask-strength version of Maker's Mark 46.
  • 4 x Mn (Roasted French Mendiant stave), is French oak cooked on low in a convection oven. It adds pleasant traces of milk chocolate, nuts, and dried dark fruit. The heavy presence of this stave turned our final recipe into magic.
  • 1 x Sp (Toasted French Spice stave), is also French oak that's toasted in a convection oven, first at high heat and then low heat. Sp has a flavor profile of smoke, coumarin, and spice. We treated this stave almost as a finishing stave that gave the final recipe it's unique profile.

Once a consensus was reached on the desired flavor profile back in April, these special barrels of Maker's Mark Private Selection were aged for nine weeks in the cool temperature of the brand's one-of-a-kind limestone cellar. The final result was bottled in June and delivered to us during #barreldropmonth of December.

So what can you expect from this expression? We are glad you asked:

  • Nose: Caramel and Dark Fruit
  • Palate: Dried fruits, almonds, milk chocolate
  • Finish: Long mid-palate

We hear you say, "All this is well and good, but what was that about winning a FREE bottle?". You heard correctly - each bottle comes with a scratch-off card. Try your luck and you could win Maker's swag, cool rocks glasses dipped in wax, and a grand prize - a free bottle of our pick itself! All we ask to qualify is to post a picture of your bottle (so we can see our stave profile recipe), the scratch-off indicating your prize to your social media profile (IG, FB, etc). Then subscribe to our profile on IG (where we announce cool new drops), and you are in!

Appropriately, the sticker theme for this barrel selection is a nod to one of the most famous lotteries around, the Power Ball. The sticker resembles the actual NY edition Power Ball ticket with some of the vital info about the expression on it.

Lastly, we will donate $5 from each bottle to the Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. This was a no-brainer after seeing the devastation to the region all whiskey enthusiasts have a connection to.

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Country USA
Region Kentucky
Brand Maker's Mark
Distillery Maker's Mark
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Mashbill Type Wheated Bourbon
Feature Single Barrel, The Prime Barrel Selection
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml