Valentina Passalacqua "Mare e Foresta" Pinot Grigio



From the moon to the stone.
I believe my wines reflect my temper both in substance and in form. They are strong, firm, authentic, disheveled, without tricks, pleasant and long-lived wines. They are able to stimulate memories as those related to the stones which characterized those lands or related to the sea breezes which coming from the sea cooling the summer nights; or those related to the wind which dry plants. They are wines sons of the vine which draws juice from the flavor of this area located at 200 meters above sea level, on loose soils, dry and poor. They are wines that know how to thank the work done every day between the rows; they thank the sun that warms the fruits in the daylight; they thank the cool nights – peculiar of Gargano – enabling a temperature range unique and unrepeatable.

The idea of the wine I have is reflected even in the labels in which I draw my way to communicate the wine.


Wine Color Orange,White
Container Bottle