Old Vienna Composition Ice Wine Cabernet/Merlot



Produced from frozen grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon (30 %), Cabernet Franc (30 %) and Merlot (40 %) and is a real "masterpiece". A red (rosé colored) Icewine! (The color cannot be red, as the frozen skins contain the color which is also frozen and cannot get leached out of them.)

The curious thing is, that those countries who can produce Icewine climatically, cannot grow such late-ripening grape varieties and the southern countries for Cabernet & Co. cannot produce Icewine at all. The Burgenland area is the Eldorado for a vintner, where everything can be produced from all varieties with a surpassing result! That's why this rarity is a real one - for collectors and people who like to have something very special.


Many layers of fruity red and black fruits in the nose. Cassis and a hint of coffee. A certain red-wine character as some fine-structered tannins are present; that's why this red Icewine does not appear as "too sweet" and is ideally served as an aperitif.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle