Mana 1751 True Vision Yamahai Tokubetsu Junmai Muroko Genshu



This producer is a phenomenon in Japan right now; instead of aspiring to Japan’s top brands, he says he’d rather be the only one doing something than the best at doing what everyone else is doing. A particularly remarkable quality about Mana is that he does NO TANK BLENDING - unheard of in an industry producing a non-vintage item that should stay consistent through the entire brewing season. He is so precise in his skill that there is honestly little to no variance between tanks, just speaks to his integrity in production. Even though there is absolutely no charcoal fining in this sake, it’s nearly water white in color; another testament to his extremely precise brewing. This is a great expression of yamahai.


The lactic qualities are super pronounced, tart yogurt, milk candy, but lots of black pepper and savory spice. He uses a very rare locally developed yeast that only 5 brewers in Japan work with, which creates an aromatic profile unlike any other.


Country Japan
Region Chubu
Polishing Grade Tokubetsu Junmai
Container Bottle
Container Size 720ml
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