Benito Ferrara Aglianico Vigna Quattro Confini


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Gabriella Ferrara manages this small estate, that has been in her family for many generations, together with her husband Sergio. The major part of the vineyards (5.5 hectares) stands in the district of San Paolo within the commune of Tufo, which is considered the best zone for the Greco grape variety. The Aglianico vineyards (3.3 hectares) stand in the zone of Montemiletto. The altitude is ideal between 450 and 600 meters above sea level with southern exposure, the area is cool and airy, which naturally protects the vines against frosts and diseases. The Greco vineyards stand next to abandoned sulphur mines and sulphur rocks can be found amongst the vines: this gives the wines wonderful mineral notes. The cellar equipment is extremely modern. The talented oenologist Paolo Caciorna helps the Ferrara family make great wines that are appreciated worldwide.


This wine is for those with less patience and the eternally curious. This is an expressive version of Aglianico that has grip and tension.  Not all wines have tension but when they do you want to taste more to see how the flavors play out.  It was aged in 30% barrqiues and 70% stainless steel.  Alcohol 13%. The nose revealed cherries and other tart, pungent aromas.  The wine was quite open from the start with pungent, rounded flavors that showed mid palate grip.  The black mineral flavors had tar-like notes, salivating acidity, and long ripe tannins on the gums. There was lovely tension in this wine making it a grab choice to drink now.


Wines such as this one that still retain the characteristics of the traditional style (i.e., massive black fruits, astringent and powerful tannins and laser acidity) demand very flavorful, hearty and rustic dishes such as a very rich and thick stew, grilled or braised meats or sausages, or liver. Think osso buco.  This style of cuisine works to cut the tannins and acidity. Stay away from lighter or even more moderate weight dishes as the wine will roll over it, leaving you with no hint of the cuisine profile. If you’re game to pair Aglianico with cheese, go for hard ones such as pecorino, Gouda or Aged Manchego. Now envision sitting by a fire on a chilly winter day, enjoying your favorite warm dish of hearty stew or braised meat and a glass of Aglianico.  Now THAT’s a wine and food pairing


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