Sinpatch Vodka


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We're proud to offer SINPATCH VODKA, a spirit distilled in small batches, promising unparalleled purity. Its producers are devoted to maintaining top-tier quality, overseeing each step of the process. Impressively, they even filter the vodka through activated charcoal made from recycled oak whisky barrels. The unique fourteen-plate vodka column, complete with an unconventional reflux condenser at its apex, ensures the perfect concentration of alcohol. This methodology mirrors what a large-scale industrial producer might achieve but in a gentler manner. Whether you enjoy SINPATCH VODKA in a crisp dry martini or as the key ingredient in your beloved cocktail, we're confident it'll blend perfectly into your drink of choice.


Country USA
Region New York
Brand Sinpatch
Distillery Tenmile Distillery
Product Subcategory Vodka
Proof 80
Proof Range 80-99
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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