7 peaty malt scotch whiskey pairing food that you're missing

7 peaty malt scotch whiskey pairing food that you're missing - De Wine Spot | DWS - Drams/Whiskey, Wines, Sake

Harold Camaya |

A true lover of scotch whiskey can describe how blissful every drop of it is to humanity. We all know how whiskey is rich in antioxidants, can help with weight gain, dementia, enhance digestion, improve memory and much more. But there is something about whiskey that most of us probably don’t know about. While most people share their love for wine and food, whiskey can be paired wonderfully with some delicious food. In fact, it could turn out amazing that you might ditch your next bottle of wine for a glass of whiskey.  A healthy food palate with a neat glass of whiskey could be the perfect end to a beautiful day you might be looking for. Here are seven peaty malt scotch whiskey and food pairing which could be a start for this experience for you. 

  1. Lamb meatballs with Laphroaig: Filled with a blend of aromatic spices and tender meat, a typical lamb meatball or kofta would be a great pairing with Laphroaig. Lamb in general pairs amazing with a soft whiskey that isn’t too aggressive which will smoothly match with a light meat dish. The spices will enhance the depth of the whiskey and this way you could enjoy a great dinner. Lamb pattie could be an alternative to lamb meatballs which you can enjoy as a snack with a glass of Laphroaig.
  1. Barbeque pork with Ardbeg: Pork is tougher meat compared to lamb and Ardbeg will make a great pairing in this case. Barbeque pork with Ardbeg will improvise on the smoked effect of the meat and give a rich flavor. A robust peaty whiskey such as this can also be paired with garlic flavored lamb. Sushi is yet another dish you can pair with Ardbeg.
  1. Oban with Dark chocolates: With 85% cocoa content dark chocolates and a single malt flavor of Oban is a match made in heaven. Pairing it with chocolate rich desserts such as tortes and a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies would make a great deal. You can also snack on some plain dark chocolate along with a sip of scotch. Take a sip and let the vapors spread in your mouth and then take a bite of the chocolate and they will mix to give a fantastic taste.
  1. Roasted or charred vegetable blend with Lagavulin: Like meats, there are roasted vegetables which also make an outstanding pair with whiskey. Crispy, roasted mixed vegetables dressed in a mix of spices would go great with Lagavulin. The charred vegetables will have a stronger taste when doubled with whiskey and make a simple dish taste even better.
  1. Chicken with Peated Kings County bourbon: New York's oldest and finest glass of Peated Kings county bourbon is not the typical peated bourbon you will look for. The caramel flavor in every glass which matches mild saltiness and a light touch of sweetness with grace goes nicely with chicken smeared with pepper, chili, and ginger. Tender cooked chicken with spicy notes like wings pairs well with this bourbon.
  1. Salami and Black Maple Hill bourbon: The brisk flavors of Kentucky's Bourbon such as black maple are a perfect match for deli meats such as salami. The salty meat paired with the woody flavors of the scotch will be a mind-blowing meal to rejoice. The scotch has cinnamon and nutmeg hints, and hence soft spices in the main dish will help enjoy the pairing better.
  1. Cheese with Clynelish: The best way to pair cheese or a cheese dominant dishes is to look for fruity flavored whiskey. A single malt scotch whiskey such as Clynelish has a rich aroma of plums, grapes, barley and a small hint of citrus all over it. The Heavy cheese dishes will swipe new territories of taste palate when paired with a fruity whiskey such Clynelish.

Some general pairing tips with peaty malt scotch

  1. Pair light whiskeys with light food to enjoy the flavors from both without one dominating the other. Similarly, look for strong whiskeys to go with heavy dishes.
  1. Food rich in fat pair better with scotch.
  1. Try to reduce the use of ingredients that dominate the dish such as heavy use of garlic to avoid loss of flavor from the whiskey.
  1. A glass of neat scotch may not always be the right way to pair with food. Splash some water to soften the intensity and then give it a try. 
  1. Do not match smoky whiskeys with smoky meat.
  1. Look for light scotch to pair with seafood.

Various other combinations such as scotch with dried fruits and nuts and a big chunk of apple pie which are also amazing food-scotch pairing are open for you to try. Start with simple pairing ideas and converge to match the nuances of flavor to know your pairings better.  There is no ideal pairing so, experiment to see what matches best for you and enjoy a gorgeous meal.