Smooth 'n' Funky

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At least that's what they call me down at the bodega. It also happens to describe two of the wines I took home with me on a recent wine haul. If you're anything like me, you like a spicy red; but most wines of that nature are medium-bodied, with little to no finish. But the Conde de Valdemar "reserva" rioja (D. O. C.), whose tasting notes have all the usual suspects you'd expect of a rioja, coats the palate with a beautiful, silky finish. It really brought my bodega dinner up to a much "classier" level (it was a no-cook night).

The Jean Pierre Gaussen vin de pays du Mont-Caume (dubbed "real funky" by De Wine Spot's house sommelier) was quite impressive with a woodsy, wet paper scent on the nose and big, sharp tannins that quickly soften in the mouth. I paired it with a homemade celery soup (it was a cook night), which turned out to be not the best pairing... I think I'll try it again with an aged goat cheese. That is a goat on the label, right?

finish funky red silky spicy tannin

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