Sweetens Cove 13 Years Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey



Football player, tennis player, sports announcer, golf course, bourbon. This odd pairing came to be when Peyton Manning, Andy Roddick, Jim Nantz, and others became co-owners of the Tennessee golf course, Sweetens Cove. The course had a tradition of offering a complimentary shot of whiskey on the first hole. The new owners decided to take the tradition to a new level by offering their own blended bourbon to golfers. After purchasing 100 barrels of 13-year-old Tennessee bourbon, they hired Marianne Eaves, former Brown-Forman blender and Castle & Key distiller to blend their new bourbon.

With so much bourbon in their possession, the team decided to offer a limited 14,000 bottle release in select markets. According to the company, five batches were created, but bottles won’t feature the batch number, instead of requiring the consumer to taste the difference between batches. With this being cask strength bourbon, there is a good chance differentiating proof between batches will signify which batch is which. Out of the 100 barrels, four barrels were deemed “too special” and will be reserved for a special release in 2020. Sweetens Cove Bourbon was released exclusively in Tennessee in May before expanding to more markets starting in June.


    Nose: Gentle and sweet, the aroma is adorned with caramel, green apple, cream soda, brown sugar, and toasted oak, with coconut and almond drifting in late. It’s a delightful concoction of scents that are allowed to stand on equal ground, and are only held back by their moderate intensity.
    Palate: Surprisingly thin and watery at first before the flavors kick in and jumpstart your curiosity. A nicely tempered flush of sweet vanilla, chocolate cake, cherry, pecan, and syrupy oak with a dash of pepper follows. It's a delicious medley of well-balanced flavors that in conjunction with its low cask strength proof, produces a rich yet gentle sip that is a joy to drink.
    Finish: Drying oak turning slightly bitter leads the finish down a dangerous path. Toasted almonds, banana bread, black cherry, and dark chocolate are introduced and take command of its aftertaste, providing a pleasant flare of flavor. It ultimately ends on a dry note that is neither exciting or beneficial, leaning more towards acceptable than outward glee.


    Country USA
    Region Tennessee
    Brand Sweetens Cove
    Distillery Cascade Hollow Distilling
    Product Subcategory Whiskey
    Proof 101.4
    Proof Range 100-119
    Age 13
    Age Range 10-15 Years
    Mashbill Type Bourbon
    Feature Allocated & Limited Edition
    Container Bottle
    Container Size 750ml
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